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Since sunday 1st april, public transport is cheaper for families

Milano 31 march 2007 – In order to stimulate the use of public transport by families the Town Council has requested to ATM an appropriate resolution for the modification of the current regulations.

The new regulations state that on the whole urban network, the metro lines and the urban sections of the surface suburban lines managed by ATM SpA, children till 5 years of age and maximum two children aged between 6 and 10 can travel free if they are accompanied by a person (not necessarily a parent) owning a valid travel document. They have to bring an identity document with them: if such document is not available the accompanying person will be requested to pay the current fare.

The children’s accompanying person has to cancel his travel document in the ticket-barrier located next to the station agent’s booth and marked by an appropriate decalcomania.

Also the rules for the transport of baby buggies and prams are changing. In fact, they can be transported free of charge – even unfolded – but they have to be placed:

– on buses, trolley-buses and trams within the post reserved to the disabled passengers on wheelchairs;

– on the metro trains, in a place that doesn’t hinder the other passengers’ passage, preferably on the first or last car.

Owing to safety reasons, during the travel the baby buggies and prams have to be braked and continuously held by the accompanying person in order to avoid shifts or falls expecially in the curves or in case of accidental and sharp brakings. When the place reserved to the disabled passengers is occupied the buggy, or the pram, has to be approached to a vehicle side without getting in the way of the other passengers.

We rely, anyway, on the good sense of the passengers who carry the baby buggies and prams.

As soon as possible, taking into consideration the technical implementation times, the ATM will update the regulation exposed to the public on the vehicles and in the stations.

For further information: ATM toll-free number 800.80.81.81 (every day from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm).

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